Overlanding in Southern Africa

With Guzzle H2O

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Our most powerful system

The STREAM is our most powerful system.

We recommend it for overlanders, vanlifers, sailing, boating, fishing, hunting, rafters, and emergency prep.

Simply put, this is the system we keep in the back of our truck and take everywhere.

The STEALTH is our built-in system.

The STEALTH is perfect for filtering onboard water tanks like you would find in campers, RV's, boats and vans. It is plumbed in and produces clean, filtered water at the faucet.

The SPIGOT is our most basic system.

We connect the SPIGOT to hose bibs and other water sources when we just aren't sure what the water quality is. This is the unit we take to the marina with us or use at our house for a boil-water emergency.


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