About Us

The story began in late fall of 2017, when Sean “Doogie” Couvreux, a professional bowman for several sailboat racing teams, was fed up with the use of plastic water bottles throughout his events. Some of his teams had taken the step towards on-board water tanks and reusable water bottles, but most had not. As he looked around his surroundings at each event, trash and recycling bins were frequently piled high with one-time use water bottles. Something had to change. He wrote a Facebook post that was widely shared amongst his connections around the world, but no one had come up with an easy solution.

Tyler Bech, a good friend and partner on some sailing development parts, entered the picture and envisioned building something to make it easy for people to get clean water so no one will even be bothered with buying cases and cases of water.

The two friends and partners have been collaborating on Guzzle H2O since early 2018. The first on-board system was installed on a Transpac 52 racing yacht in April 2018.


Doogie & Tyler