Product Guide

Each Guzzle H2O system functions on the same basic premise: good tasting clean water should be accessible at all times. Since some of our systems might be better suited to your needs, please use this quick guide to help you narrow your choices. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Portable Systems

STREAM - LED UV-C Purification + Carbon Block Filtration. Battery powered. Pumps, filters, and purifies water from any natural or pressurized water source. The ULTIMATE SYSTEM!

EDDY - Carbon Block inline filtration only. Ideal for RV or van fill-ups to make potable campground water taste great.

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The Stream is ideal for overlanding, vanlife, camping, boating & rafting, international travel, hunting, and even water emergencies & storm prep. It allows you to fill up from any fresh water or pressurized source.


For Mobile Vehicles

The Stealth series is built in right before the point-of-use. The Stealth is ideal for any vehicle with an onboard, pressurized water tank.


LED UV-C Purification + Carbon Block Filtration

Carbon Block Filtration Only


Have a van, boat, RV, or overlanding vehicle? The Stealth series is built-in to treat your onboard tank water.

Quick guidelines to choosing between the models:

  • Tight on galley or cabinet space? Choose the Flex or the Flex Twist.
  • Want an easy, one piece installation? Choose the Stealth.
  • Have an expedition size vehicle with 50 or more gallons of water? Choose the 2x10.
  • Always put potable water in your tank and frequently treat or empty it? Choose the Stealth Carbon to improve taste.

How do I know if I want a 5 or a 10?

  • Most vans or truck campers will only have room for a 5.
  • If you have room or your tank is larger choose one of our 10" models. It offers more filtration surface area and a slight increase in flow.

Stealth Features Comparison

Flex Twist
2 x 10
UV Purification
0.5 Micron Carbon Filtration
Needs 12v Power?
Easy 1 Piece Installation
Best for Tight Galley Space

On-The-Grid Living

For Homes

LED UV-C Purification + Carbon Block Filtration. At home, in your kitchen! Protection from chemicals, bacteria, and bad taste!