Guzzle H2O Backcountry Water Filtration Bundle
Backcountry Bundle

Backcountry Bundle

The Backcountry Bundle pairs the Guzzle H2O Stream with its most popular backcountry accessories. Perfect for off-grid camps, guides and hunters!

Includes: Guzzle H2O Stream + Carbon Block Cartridge PLUS a Guide Prefilter and a Klickitat Bag.

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Backcountry Bundle Includes:

Guzzle H2O Stream

Eliminate water anxiety. Replenish your water supply from any fresh water source.


Extra Cartridge

An extra cartridge is always good to have on hand.


Guide Prefilter

The Guide Prefilter can be used in place of the standard scout. Especially good in protecting your carbon block cartridge in water with high turbidity.


Klickitat Bag

We designed this carry-all bag specifically for the Stream. Hoses in side pockets, accessories on the end. Open to let everything dry.

Klickitat Bag