Guzzle H2O Overland Bundle

Overland Bundle

The Ultimate Off-Grid Drinking Water Bundle

The Overland Bundle features everything a traveler needs to stay hydrated on the trail. Use the Stream to pump, filter, and purify water from a creek or lake and transfer it to your vehicle using the 30' outlet hose.

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The only way to fill your vehicle's tanks directly from natural water sources!

The Overland Bundle features everything a traveler needs to stay hydrated on the trail. Use the Stream to pump, filter, and purify water from a creek or lake and transfer it to your vehicle using the 30' outlet hose.

The Overland Bundle includes:
- Stream w/charger
- 30' outlet hose
- 1 carbon block replacement cartridge

The Stream is our best selling portable water purifier and filter. The Stream can pump, filter, and purify water from mountain creeks, rushing rivers, lakes, and more. The Stream also connects to existing water sources to purify and filter city or campground water for better taste and less chemicals.

Do you have a thread-on or check valve style water port? Add our Garden Hose Conversion Kit to your cart and we'll automatically install it on your 30' outlet hose before we ship your order.

Best Uses for
Stream Bundles

- overlanding
- vanlife
- fishing
- hunting
- rafting
- camping
- emergency preparedness

Guzzle H2O Overland Bundle

Customer Reviews

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Filter review

I purchased this product to complement a Water Pro Survivor filter system that I use on a weekly basis. I like the compact size and LED ultraviolet light of the guzzle H2O system. The Water Pro uses a Quartz bulb. Additionally the slower flow rate of the guzzle system means less of a mess to clean up.
In summary the compact size and self contained power source of the guzzle system is a boon. Hopefully it will provide the same weekly reliability over the years that the Water Pro has.

Tim Ganley
Great Customer Service!

They responded to our questions in less than a day! We got the bundle, have not used it yet, we plan on using it this spring. It looks very rugged and appears to be extremely simple to use!

Taylor S
Best overland water solution

I was getting ready to have a custom huge water tank created for my vehicle an ding hundreds of points and taking up precious space. Instead I carry this around and have access to all the water we need. Ingenious! High quality, totally worth it. Water tastes great!

David Turnbull
Water system

Recieved water system have not used yet. Did receive promotion for free filter for leaving a review and will update after using.

WG Lethemon
Incredible product!

Used it for the first time last weekend. Crystal clear clean water and great taste!