Camping Water Filters and Purifiers

Camping Water Filters and Purifiers

Water! It’s always the unknown when headed out camping. Will there be water? Will it be drinkable? Should we just fill as many containers as we can and bring them along? These are all questions that anyone from a family camper, to weekend warrior, to RVer, or overlander may ask themselves. Securing a good camping water filter or water purifier is a necessity before any weekend adventure.

Camping Water Issue #1 - Brown Water Coming Out of the Campground Faucet

Let's say you head out to a state park for a weekend of camping with your family and friends. Everyone has tents and kids are running around everywhere. You hate to buy bottled water, but you know the campground’s water might be suspicious. While doing dishes on your first night, you notice that the campground water (that says potable!) is a rusty brown color. No one wants to drink it! You wish you had found a camping water filter before coming out for the weekend. Now you have to do dishes in brown water. It’s probably just mineral buildup, but completely unappealing. A camping water purifier such as any of the Guzzle H2O devices would filter and purify that water in a matter of minutes.

See the image below from the time when the Guzzle H2O families headed out to a campground deep in the woods and found that exact scenario. The group was large with many families and everyone was able to take advantage of using the Guzzle H2O Stream. Its portability and push-button convenience make it the perfect camping water filter and purifier for your entire group.

Camping Water Purifiers and Filters

Camping Water Issue #2 - No Potable Water Available to Refill Your RV or Camper Trailer

Guzzle H2O co-founder, Doogie, likes to save weight when he pulls his Jayco Hummingbird on trips. He would rather keep it light for the drive and fill the water tank up when he gets there. Sometimes, when he gets to his destination, finding potable water is an issue. This happened once in eastern Utah. At the time, he was testing and traveling with the Guzzle H2O Stream, so he was able to connect the gas station’s non-potable water to the intake side of the unit and connect the outgoing hose to the trailer’s water tank. All he had to do was turn on the gas station water faucet and push the button on the Guzzle H2O Stream. Filtered and purified water were instantly filling the camper trailer’s onboard tank. 

RV Water Purifiers and Filters

Another ideal setup for this situation would be to have a Guzzle H2O Stealth built-in under the camper trailer’s sink, where it can filter and purify water between the holding tank and the faucet. This is the setup that Doogie will have in his camper trailer going forward. The Guzzle H2O Stealth is the perfect water filtration and purification system for any vehicle or boat with an onboard water tank and pressurized water system.

Camping Water Scenario #3 - You’re an Overlander or Vanlifer

Overlanders and vanlifers frequently live with anxiety over having sources of clean water. Some camping water filtration systems can do one thing. Other camping purification systems can do another. You could easily face either of the two scenarios above. Or worse, you could be on a multi-day overland trip through the deep woods and find the water source wasn’t as clean as you thought it would be - it’s too silty for the UV pen. Or, it’s late and you don’t have the energy to hand pump your way to clean water. Guzzle H2O makes two drinking water systems that are fantastic solutions to these common vanlife and overlanding issues.

The Guzzle H2O Stream is extremely versatile and can filter and purify water from existing water sources such as a campground faucet. It can also pump and purify water from natural water sources such as a creek or river. In the case of the silty water, the Guzzle H2O Stream has a prefilter to filter out the big particles, pebbles, and sand. Then the water passes through the carbon block filtration, where more sand, grit, and microplastics get filtered out. Finally, the water passes through the LED UV purification system, which removes the bacteria and other microbiological hazards. (If you know bears and other animals poop in the woods, then you know that even the cleanest looking forest creeks are probably not completely free of bacteria.)

The Guzzle H2O Stealth uses the same processes and technology but is built into your van or vehicle so it can filter and purify water right before it goes into your glass or a pot for pasta. We called it the Stealth because it hides under the counter and is installed inline with your existing water source. 


Any of the devices from Guzzle H2O make great camping water filtration systems. Whether you’re camping with your family and friends or out on a grand adventure, Guzzle H2O has you covered for your camping water situation.