How Much Plastic Can You Save?

How Much Plastic Can You Save?

How much plastic can you eliminate by switching from Single Use Plastic Bottled Water to using a Guzzle H2O Filter?

A 1 liter plastic water bottle weighs 28g.  A Guzzle H2O Filter under optimal conditions can filter and purify 11,356 l of water before the Carbon Block filter cartridge needs to be changed.  So if each of these liters of filtered and purified water equated to one 1l sized bottle saved:

28g x 11,356 l = 317 kg (699 lbs)

Now that is a pretty amazing headline number.  But is that realistic?  How would a person ever use 11,356 liters of water?

Plastic Water Bottles

What is a more reasonable way to think about the amount of plastic water bottles saved?  At Guzzle H2O our preferred form of recreation is sailing, so we are going to think about a sailboat racing scenario.  (Non sailors, bear with us, but I think you will see the point!)

Suppose you had a J/70 in St Petersburg FL, and you did all the events during the 2019 winter months on Tampa Bay.  There are 15 days of racing events. There are 4 people on your sailing crew, and they are each going to need 2 liters of water per day.

28g x 4 crewmembers x 2 liter of water x 15 days = 3.36 kg (7.4 lbs)

7.4 pounds of plastic saved over just a few months of sailing!  And this is for just one team!  What if every J/70 team sailing on Tampa Bay this winter switched from bottled water to using a Guzzle H2O Filter system.  There are 50 entrants for the Davis Island Series….50 x 7.4 lbs is 370 lbs!

Eliminating single use plastics can make a big impact!  The Guzzle H2O Filter is a great way to provide drinking water with much less environmental impact.

Plastic in Ocean

Eliminate single-use plastic bottles and see less of this on the race course.

Pure Water.  No Trash.

Additionally, check out this statistic from Nestlé Waters own website, describing their environmental footprint:

Packaging is the first contributor to our product environmental footprint, representing roughly 40% of GHG emissions and roughly 49 % of non-renewable energy consumption for an average Nestlé Waters product in 2014.

So what they are saying is that bottles and plastic represent 40% of green house gas emissions, and half of their energy consumption!