Keep it Simple with Carbon Block Water Filtration

Keep it Simple with Carbon Block Water Filtration

What is the easiest thing you can do to improve the drinking water onboard your adventure vehicle? Add a carbon filter! Carbon filters offer the best value in drinking water treatment for adventure vehicles and should be considered a minimum for any onboard water system.

If you mostly fill up your water tanks at home, or from treated municipal sources, your water is generally not going to have bacteria or other microbiological hazards. That’s because of the presence of chlorine in the water. But as we all know, chlorine is not tasty, so it’s best to remove it, and any other chemicals that could be riding along.

Guzzle H2O offers a range of products featuring the best kind of carbon filters - solid activated carbon block, which reduce chlorine, chemicals, VOCs, lead, mercury, PFAS, microplastics, sediment, chromium-6, and turbidity. It also removes any strange smells or tastes from your water, leaving it tasting delicious.

A carbon filter belongs in your galley, as the last thing the water passes through before the faucet. The Stealth Carbon includes the highest quality, made in the USA filter you can buy.

How do you know if you need a Stealth Carbon 5 or a Stealth Carbon 10? Carbon filtration is a surface area game, so the larger a filter you can use the better. But in an adventure vehicle, you don’t always have room for the larger 10 inch size. So choose a 5 or 10 based on your space constraints.