Press Release: Guzzle H2O Eliminates Single Use Plastic Water Bottles With Spigot

Press Release: Guzzle H2O Eliminates Single Use Plastic Water Bottles With Spigot

Note: updated for 2021, the Spigot now features carbon block filtration only. For carbon block filtration + UV purification, please see the Stream or the Stealth

  • The Spigot from Guzzle H2O is a new and unique product purpose built to filter and purify water available at parks, campgrounds, and marinas for use as drinking water.
  • The Spigot uses carbon block filtration and LED UV-C purification to remove a variety of contaminants and all microbiological hazards from drinking water, ensuring great tasting, healthy water.
  • Using the Spigot instead of bottled water can save up to 700 lbs of single use plastic on just one carbon block cartridge. This also eliminates the cost, hassle, and trash associated with bringing bottled water on adventures.

Hood River, Oregon -- Guzzle H2O has today released the Spigot to solve all of the difficulties associated with personal hydration while recreating in the outdoors. Spigot is a completely unique product that filters and purifies water typically available at parks, campgrounds, and marinas to make it taste superb, and ensure no biological hazards such as bacteria, protozoa, or viruses are present. The Spigot processes up to 4 liters of water per minute, and it works instantly using carbon block filtration, and LED UV-C purification. This creates a very convenient way to rapidly fill reusable water bottles right where your outdoor adventures are happening.

“The filtration and purification stages work in concert to cover the full range of drinking water issues you might encounter. The carbon block stage works to greatly improve the palatability of water, and the UV purification is the best way to inactivate any microbiological hazards.” explains Tyler Bech, lead product developer for Guzzle H2O.

There are many reasons people might not trust the locally available water for drinking. In a big city, water often has poor taste due to excessive chlorine treatment. In smaller or more remote locations water treatment may not be as robust, or slim water supplies in the summer make for turbid water. Any of these issues and more can lead people to resort to bringing bottled water on their adventures for hydration needs.

The Spigot was inspired when professional sailor Sean “Doogie” Couvreux was at a TP52 Super Series regatta in 2017 and became aware of the huge amount of single use plastic bottled water that was being consumed at professional level sailing events. Sean complained “It just doesn’t make sense that a wind powered sport like sailing should generate so much plastic trash. Especially now that we are understanding how much single use plastic ends up polluting the ocean.” On just the first filter cartridge cycle, the Spigot can replace 700 lbs of single use plastic water bottles. And Spigot eliminates the cost, hassle, and trash associated with bottled water.

The Spigot is also available in a variant that can be installed in RV’s, vans, or boats that have onboard water systems.

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Guzzle H2O LLC makes drinking water filtration and purification systems for marine, outdoor, and disaster survival scenarios. Guzzle H2O started in 2017 with the aim to provide a fast and convenient way to refill reusable water bottles in a variety of situations, reduce the impact of single use plastic bottled water, and give consumers the confidence to use available drinking water sources. Guzzle H2O products currently hydrate some of the premier yacht racing teams such as Bella Mente, Argo, SailGP, American Magic, and TP52 Super Series teams. Visit for more information.