Pro Tips for the Guzzle H2O Stream

Pro Tips for the Guzzle H2O Stream

Tyler, Guzzle H2O co-founder and Stream user, has put together these pro tips for using the Guzzle H2O Stream out in the field, year after year. While many of these tips can be found in the most current Stream manual (the latest version is always found on this page), it's a good reminder of the essentials.

  • Charge the batteries every four months. If you are pulling the Stream out of storage for the trip, plug it into the charger and make sure the battery takes a full charge. The charger light indicator means the following:

    • GREEN - connected to power, charge is full. Not that if for some reason the connection to the battery is broken and charging is not taking place, the light will show green.

    • RED - charging the battery. It should take up to 2 hours to fully charge.
  • Prefilters - for backcountry use and high sediment water sources, we recommend always using the Guide Prefilter. The Guide is a 0.35 micron prefilter that is capable of dealing with sediment loads where the water is opaque. The Guide can be critical to protecting the internal carbon filter from clogging with fine sediment. The Guide can be cleaned off in the field simply by rinsing with water. The pressure regulator does not need to be used with a prefilter.
We always recommend starting with the cleanest water you can find so your filters do not have to work as hard and last longer.

  • The Stream can also be used as an inline filter for water on tap. This adds the assurance of UV treatment for questionable sources. Always use the pressure regulator for these sources.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If for some reason water does not flow through the system, or the pump struggles, the carbon block filter is likely clogged. To test this, remove the carbon filter and run the system without it. If the system runs without it, please install a new carbon block cartridge

  • The inlet and outlet hoses are color coded. Orange for dirty water and blue for clean water. The hoses must make a click when connected to the case in order to open the check valves. If there is difficulty getting the hoses to click, please get the end fittings wet and try again.

We always recommend keeping 1-2 spare carbon block cartridges in your kit. 

Going on an extended trip? Consider carrying a spares kit and a replacement battery.