Stealth Flex
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex - Built-in Water Purification and Filtration
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex 10 Water Filtration and Purification System
Stealth Flex
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex 5 - What&
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex 5 Water Filtration and Purification System
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex 10 - Built-in Water Purification and Filtration
Guzzle H2O Stealth Flex 10 - What&

Stealth Flex

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Carbon Block Filtration + LED UV-C Purification The Guzzle H2O Stealth is a point-of-use water purification and filtration system that treats water where you drink it - at the faucet! The Flex version of our popular Stealth model offers flexibility for installation in tight spaces.


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The Stealth Flex makes your water safe and delicious as you use it. The Flex is a small and compact water filtration and purification unit that is easy to install in your adventure van, overland vehicle, RV, boat, or camper trailer. The Flex is a heavy hitter, turning your onboard tank water into delicious, refreshing water that is safe to drink.

Stealth Specifications:

  • POINT OF USE SYSTEM: Discreet install at galley sink on cold water line of faucet, dedicated faucet optional
  • HIGH FLOW: Recommended flow rate up to 2.1 gallons (8L)***, minimal 3-5 psi pressure drop
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: LED UV-C purification unit 3rd party tested to inactivate 99.99% of bacterial, protozoa, and viruses*and is NSF 55 listed
  • EFFECTIVE FILTRATION: 0.5 micron Activated Carbon Block filtration is highly effective at reducing sediment, chlorine taste and odor, VOCs, NSF 41 emerging contaminants, lead, mercury, and other chemical contaminants**
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Efficient LED with Instant ON / OFF UV technology conserves power, 0.9 amp when active
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS: Single filter to replace - carbon block filter capacity up to 1000 gallons or 6 months per cartridge, low cost replacements available worldwide. UV is maintenance free - no bulbs to replace
  • RUGGED TECHNOLOGY FOR MOBILE AND OFF-GRID USE: Sturdy construction, solid state electronics
  • APPROVED: All components NSF listed or FDA approved materials
  • WARRANTY: 2 year warranty
  • 12v DC Power

IN THE BOX: Stealth Flex Unit and Installation kit with 3/8” and 1/2” barbed fittings, 3/8” Push to Connect I/O fittings, 15' 12v power cable, 24" PEX tubing, hardware.

*Based on 3rd party testing performed according to the United States EPA Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual

**Will not remove heavy metals or toxins.

***10 mJ/cm^2 UV dose; 30 mJ/cm^2 @ 1.4 gpm

Stealth Flex Manual

Designed and assembled in USA

    Flex Twist
    2 x 10
    UV Purification
    0.5 Micron Carbon Filtration
    Needs 12v Power?
    Easy 1 Piece Installation
    Best for Tight Galley Space

    Stealth Frequently Asked Questions

    We recommend the 10" model if you have room. The flow is a bit higher and it offers more filtration surface area. Many vehicles do not have room for a 10" model though, which is why we offer both. Most vans will choose a 5.

    No. In both cases, the carbon block filter should be changed out at 6 months or 1000 gallons.

    Each of our 5" models has a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute.

    Our 10" models have a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute.

    Download a Stealth feature comparison chart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Bryan Nelson
    Great System-works as promised

    Works great in my overlanding rig and the flow switch is VERY sensitive, which is a good thing. The reason I gave it 4 stars is due to the price. A similar filter housing with John Guest fittings and bracket run about $35 online and the Pentek Filter 0.5 micron which reduces Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma cysts can be had for $12 plus shipping. So you're basically paying $500 for the LED UV module and flow switch. I already had (2) 10-inch housings in my rig, so I pitched the housing and filter. I wish you could just buy the UV module separately. Same thing with my house. I have an RO system with 3 housings and the standard UV light, which requires bulb changes every year. Wish I could just get the LED module for the house and quit messing with the bulbs every year.

    Steve Brown
    Great Addition to my Van

    I installed the Stealth Flex 5 in my Sprinter/Revel van. Before, I had to carry an extra water container to avoid drinking water from the fresh water tank that I fill from campgrounds and rivers. The water taste is excellent. Also, when I found I needed to have a part replaced during installation, the company got the part to me in two days. These are great guys! The only downside is that there was very little room under my sink to work in so it did take a while to get it up and running, even with the quick connectors. Well worth it, though.


    Top quality. I can't imagine it being any better.